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Our story


The Key-Performance activity was launched in the year 2000 as a spin-off of UBIZEN (now Verizon) in partnership with Keynote Systems (now Dynatrace Synthetic) in the Benelux. It was the early days of end-to-end performance monitoring. This resulted in a strong relation with Keynote/Dynatrace and today Key-Performance is the oldest and largest Keynote/Dynatrace synthetic partner.


Key-Performance went on to develop knowledge in other technologies in the field of web performance. The following technologies were introduced on the Benelux market:

2002 Redline (first Front End Optimization)

2004 Adlex (now Dynatrace DC RUM)

2004 Load Testing services

2011 Dynatrace” became Dynatrace AppMon


Key-Performance became an independent company. Application Performance Management developed into the central activity of Key-Performance as a pioneer on this market.


The evolution of Key-Performance clients’ needs and the web performance optimization market drove us to partner and develop knowledge in innovative and complementary technologies:

2012 APM as a service (consulting)

2014 Mobile app performance with Apteligent

2016 Fasterize (Front End Optimization in SaaS model)


Merger of Keynote and Dynatrace. Key-Performance became a global partner of Dynatrace on the various web performance technologies: Synthetic monitoring, Real user monitoring, APM, etc.


The Dynatrace offer completed by bringing on board their best technology partners:

Neotys: load and performance testing

Elastic Cloud: automated app deployment

Over the years, Key- Performance has managed to build up far-reaching expertise in the field of Web Performance and Web Analytics and we pool information from various sources to help our clients to achieve their performance goals.

This approach has led us to develop strong relationships with our customers