Web Performance Optimization projects

Reach your performance goal. Really.

Speed is important for your target audience but you are not a webperf expert?

Performance is a large construction work and you don’t know where to start with?

You want to implement a web performance strategy to tackle webperf upstream and prevent problems?

To reach your objective and keep it on the long term you need to set up an action plan; including :

icon-thumbCorrective actions to eliminate bottlenecks

icon-thumbImplement new processes in your organization to tackle performance in the development and content management processes

icon-thumbWatch performance continuously

icon-thumbEvaluate the impact on performance before a change

We help you in the definition and implementation of this action plan.

How do we work?

  • We are your webperf consultants.

    • We use your monitoring data (from solutions we provide and/or what you have in place) and set up an action plan on the long term

    •  If relevant we propose you monitoring technologies to bring you to the next level

  • Our role is defined together: we may be advisers and/or follow-up the actions implementation. We work hand in hand with your teams.

  • We propose a flexible model (in terms of workload, content and planning).



What we deliver depends on what you wish. Typically, our work includes reporting and advising work which are compiled in a monthly report and discussed on workshops which allow to work together on the actions.

Your benefits

  • You benefit from the knowledge of experts to improve your performance: our team and our partners teams specialized in their technologies

  • You are sure your business gets value from the analysis and monitoring tools you invested in

  • You improve your performance on the long term; you improve your conversion rate, session length, number of impressions, etc.

How to start?

We are eager to know you and your story. Let’s start the discussion with a free Website Speed Assessment! You will know:

  • your key indicators compared to a benchmark you choose and what they tell you

  • where the opportunities for improvement are


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