It’s all about Performance

We help you to control and improve your web,
app and network performance

Speed impacts your business

One second speed improvement means 7% conversion rate; 5 to 11% pageviews increase.

We believe web performance is a must-have to have user-friendly websites and applications. It has a real impact on the user behavior. And it can be measured for each website, each page, each functionality.


About Web Performance ROI

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You can act on it!

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How will Key-Performance help you?

I am a marketing director

  • Follow indicators which reflect user experience and explain them to your management.

  • Find easily what needs to be improved in terms of speed.

  • Be confident during your marketing campaigns and website releases: load test your website before and anticipate inefficiencies.

Take a glance at our solutions Load Testing, Synthetic Monitoring, RUM,
Performance Audit, Website Acceleration


I am managing an online business (e-commerce, media, e-banking,..)

  • Know which speed your users are experiencing: stop guessing, start knowing.

  • Allocate your website budget wisely: based on your real users visits, know the impact of each second of acceleration on your business metrics (e-commerce or ad revenue; conversion rate; session length, etc).

  • Follow the speed and improvements on your website without having to have a PhD in computer sciences.

  • Improve your website speed and your user retention: reduce your bounce rate; improve your sessions length and your conversion rate.

dev team

Take a glance at our solutions Load Testing, RUM, Performance Assessment solutions,
Performance Improvement Projects, Website Acceleration


I am a development / infrastructure manager

infra team
  • Follow indicators representative for both IT and business interests; understand them and work together with the business to improve them.

  • Solve increasingly quickly any bug or slowness in your application. Discover how to gain visibility into your (complex) application.

  • Control the impact of any website update on the speed: your colleagues permanently put content on the website but what is the impact on the speed?

  • Manage risks linked to a cloud migration: avoid the classic remark “it was better before”

  • Guarantee the right IT budget spending: size your infrastructure in function of real bottlenecks; know your applications health to define development priorities

Take a glance at our solutions Load Testing, Digital Application Management, Network & Application Performance management,
Performance Improvement Projects


Our technology partners

We are continuously evaluating monitoring technology innovations focused on web and mobile performance improvement. We partner with solution providers who are innovative in their specialty and at the cutting-edge of technology, and who have already proved successful with strong references.

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The outcomes of our projects


 Control over your third parties performance


Know the impact of web performance on users


Link pins between your IT and business metrics


Faster website and mobile apps


Dramatic reductions in troubleshooting times


Control and visibility over the end-to-end delivery chain

How to start?

Get started with a Web Performance Audit and you will learn how to get and stay fast. You will know:

  • how you perform against your competitors

  • if and how your third parties are slowing down your website

  • how to improve the speed of your website