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It's all about performance

Your Partner for Performance Engineering.

We are specialized for more than 20 years in helping companies monitoring and improving their applications speed.

As from 01/06/2024 Key-Performance has been acquired by Cegeka and is now part of the new "Observability Competence Center"
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Testing the limits @ SOKO Rooftop Aftermovie

Testing the limits Aftermovie
Our Services

Our Services

Traditional monitoring is no longer enough - without AI and automation, companies can only monitor 5% of their applications. We believe application performance is a must-have. It has a real impact on the user behavior. And it can be measured for each application, each service, each functionality.

Application Performance Monitoring 

Detect and diagnose complex application performance problems to maintain an expected level of service

Performance and load testing

Prevent from disasters and improve user experience upstream

Autonomous performance optimization

Optimize your IT stack configurations to deliver unprecedented application performance

Accelerate Innovation with DevOps

Shorten innovation cycles, automate your CI/CD pipeline and improve code quality for production

Web Performance Optimization

Implement a web performance strategy to tackle webperf upstream and prevent problems.

Improve your performance on the long term

Consulting & Training

Today’s IT projects are becoming increasingly complex, which is why professional project management is becoming increasingly important.

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