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Application Performance Management

Applications live in a growing complex environment. Interconnections between applications, services, processes, hosts and datacenters are numerous. Sometimes all the lights are green but the user is complaining; everyone is passing the buck and spending hours in war rooms looking for the origin of the problem while they should be focused on value-added actions! Application Performance Monitoring with Dynatrace OneAgent technology doesn’t wait your user complaining to inform you of a performance problem – and provides you with the exact origin of the problem, up to code level.

How does it work?


You install just a single agent only once per host to start collecting all relevant metrics along 100% of your application-delivery chain. Install it and forget it—we take care of everything.

With just a couple of mouse clicks, Dynatrace OneAgent discovers whatever processes you have running on the host.

Based on what it finds, it automatically activates instrumentation specifically for your stack, as well as auto-injecting tags into web  application pages.

You get a full visibility of every single transaction: at client side, Front End, Back End, Third Parties elements.


No manual configuration required. Continuous detection and assignment, as well as effortless detection of problems and their causes

Full stack

Understand all the relationships and dependencies of your company's cloud ecosystem from start to finish.

Davis artificial intelligence

Precise responses with automatic detection of dependencies, root cause analysis and impact on the business

High scalability

With a common Big Data architecture and enterprise-proven cloud technologies, Dynatrace can easily scale up to 100,000 hosts.

Business ready

With single role-based access and advanced security features, Dynatrace is specifically designed for enterprise-wide adoption.

Flexible deployment

The simplicity of SaaS or the flexibility of on-prem means that you control your data while we take care of the operation of the platform.

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