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What is DevOps ? 

DevOps is a general collection of flexible software creation and delivery practices that looks to close the gap between software development and IT operations, which are two critical but often misaligned efforts. DevOps is not a specific technology, but a tactical approach. By working together, development and operations teams can eliminate roadblocks and focus on improving the creation, deployment, and continuous monitoring of software.

Accelerate Innovation with Dynatrace

Shorten innovation cycles, automate your CI/CD pipeline and improve code quality for production

Load Testing Automation with Neoload

Load test across the software development lifecycle: APIs, components, microservices, and system-wide

Reduce risks while increasing DevOps efficiency

Traditional monitoring is no longer enough - without AI and automation, companies can only monitor 5% of their applications. Find out in this infographic why you need a software intelligence platform specifically designed for today's complex hybrid cloud.

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