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Wheelchair Racers

Testing the Limits: Athlete Performance, Observability and Automation

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22/08/2023 | 9am – 1pm | Soko Rooftop

Keynote Speaker: Olek Kazimirowski - Belgian Paralympic Director


“At the last Paralympic Games in 2020, Belgium brought home 15 medals, quite extraordinary for a small country.

Will they do better in Paris?"


Olek Kazimirowski will explain how athletes are prepared, how their performance is measured and maintained. All this with rigour and methodology. A link exists with the applications performance monitoring.... You will discover it!


You will have the opportunity to listen to

  • Technology leaders like Dynatrace and Tricentis.

  • The experience of customers who have successfully migrated to the cloud or are migrating their applications to modern technologies.

    • Moody's Analytics​

    • P&V

The location - SOKO Rooftop

  • Fantastic place with a wonderful view on the Sonian Forest

  • Address: Mechelsesteenweg 455, 1950 Kraainem

  • Public Transport: STIB tram 44 – Stop: Quatre Bras

I was invited by:

Thanks for submitting! We are happy to welcome you the 22/08/2023


Planning of the event

08:00 -

The SOKO Rooftop workplace will be made available for those arriving early to avoid traffic

- 09:00 -

Welcome coffee and light breakfast

- 09:30 -

Athlete performances (Olek Kazimirowski – Belgian Paralympic Committee Director)

Riding the Data Wavre (Thomas Laurent – Assistant Director at Moody’s)

Navigating the Future of Observability (Chris Geebelen - Regional Director Engineering at Dynatrace)


- 11:00 -

The futur of Performance testing in the insurance sector (Alec Puype – Test Manager at P&V)

Reducing Risk, Improving Quality - Performance Engineering with Neoload (Neil Williams – Principal Solutions Architect – Tricentis)
Management, a high-level sport (Michel Kalis – Key-Performance Managing Director)

- 12:00 -


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