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Apica as an Alternative to Micro Focus SiteScope

Change is never easy, but a necessity as legacy software can’t keep up with the current needs or demand.  Case in point is what we are seeing with solutions like HP/Micro Focus SiteScope, though a great product for years, it has had issues along with very limited new development as the solution exchanged hands from HP to Micro Focus. In today’s fast-paced, always-on, and available environments, having the right performance monitoring solution for mission-critical applications requires more. That’s why at Apica, they are constantly improving their platform to keep up with this growing demand for all our customers.

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Visually Complete vs Speed Index

Traditional web performance metrics focus primarily on load times and resource sizes. These attributes typically aren’t, however, the best indicators of user experience.
Resources that don’t have an impact on user experience can result in delays of the load event and other W3C navigation timing metrics that skew your analysis.
The difference between the Visually complete and the Speed Index is not always well understood.

Here we will explain you the difference and how to use them.

Accedian Skylight – Medical offer

Accedian today has a track record of supporting over 70 hospitals in Europe in helping them maintain a seamless IT environment for their critical applications and identifying root cause for any degradations or performance problems, allowing them to focus on what is most important—patient care.

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