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Migrate to the cloud with confidence

Get there faster with AI-powered, full stack performance monitoring

Enterprises are committed to cloud — it’s essential to business strategy. Consequently, there is a sense of urgency around cloud migration. Whether you expect to save money or make money or both, there is no ROI until you successfully migrate your applications

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Unfortunately, too often, results are disappointing. Experts agree on a few common reasons why migrations fall short of expectations:

  • The current applications were not well understood, and applications were selected that were not well suited for cloud.

  • Problems during migration impacted service delivery and caused delays.

  • The organization was not prepared to manage the new environment in production.

With Dynatrace, Key-Performance partner, we ensure successful migration to the cloud with an AI-powered, full stack, automated monitoring solution. Whether replatforming, rehosting, or refactoring in a public, private or hybrid cloud — Dynatrace delivers complete operational transparency throughout your journey.

Plan better

Success begins with an accurate assessment of your applications, and designing the right cloud solution. Dynatrace auto-discovers your current environment and answers crucial questions:

  • What are usage patterns and performance baselines?

  • What are the app and infrastructure components and dependencies?

  • Where are data repositories and what is the activity?

  • What resources are consumed?

With the installation of a single lightweight agent, Dynatrace automatically creates a complete dependency map of all application components, across the entire stack, in just minutes. Identify third-party dependencies, and connections to unknown sources. Automatically create a performance baseline, and determine the resources consumed by host, network and application components.

Move faster

Complete operational transparency is critical to maintaining progress while avoiding service delivery impact and delays. You will need to know:

  • Does the deployed application match the design?

  • Is user experience meeting SLA objectives?Is there a problem?

  • If so, what is the impact? What is the cause? Does it appear to be related to recent changes?

Dynatrace’s multi-datacenter visibility provides a real-time, full-stack picture of your application and components, so you know exactly how it compares with your planned design. Real user monitoring tracks user impact. And although changes may generate spurious alerts, Dynatrace’s AI-powered engine discerns the actual root cause. You can even play back the evolution of a problem to visualize the effect of changes over time. Dynatrace integrates with your code delivery pipeline, tracking every build and operations deployment. Detect architectural regressions with automated tests. You can even stop faulty builds before they reach production, to deploy better software faster.

Operate simpler

Once your migration is complete, whether for a single app or many, you need to simplify and optimize operations to achieve the benefits you are expecting.

  • How have application performance and availability been affected by migration to the cloud?

  • What is the user experience? How is it affecting relevant business KPIs?

  • Is there a problem? If so, what is the impact?

  • Are there opportunities for additional optimization?

Dynatrace has redefined monitoring. All relevant metrics, from real user behavior to application performance—including infrastructure, containers, and cloud services—are tracked and visualized in real-time down to each individual transaction. It automatically links application services discovered before migration with the new equivalent cloud services for SLA tracking continuity. AI ensures fast, proactive problem detection and resolution, eliminating war rooms and reducing TCO.

Built with cloud in mind

Dynatrace was designed for all types of container environments, PaaS platforms, IaaS components, private, public and hybrid clouds with the industry’s broadest cloud technology, platform, and vendor support.

Learn more at

Dynatrace has redefined how you monitor today’s digital ecosystems. AI-powered, full stack and completely automated, it’s the only solution that provides answers, not just data, based on deep insight into every user, every transaction, across every application. The world’s leading brands, including, 72 of the Fortune 100, trust Dynatrace to optimize customer experiences, innovate faster and modernize IT operations with absolute confidence.

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