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What is DevOps really about?

The word DevOps might be ringing a bell to you. Maybe you have heard it before, maybe you have already seen this word once or maybe you have looked it up on the internet already.

In fact, multiple versions of this word exist. To some, it is about a work structure or a working method, but to many it is about an integrated philosophy or culture in the IT sector.

Either way, if you don’t know what it is, this article is perfect for you to keep up!

DevOps is the combination of Development and Operations. It can be seen as a toolbox for which the objective is to increase an organization’s ability to deliver and deploy products with high celerity.

Concretely, two teams are required in software development, which are development and operation. The development team focuses on the plan and building the system from scratch. The operations team is responsible of releasing and implementing what has been developed.

More precisely, there are 7 phases and tools that are integrated in the DevOps;

Figure 1: DevOps phases

Source: Dynatrace

Aiming to increase efficiency, both teams continuously cooperate with each other and that is what DevOps is about.

Advantages of DevOps are numerous;

· Better adaptation of the teams for updates and development changes

· Development phases take place more quickly, consistently, and smoothly

· Less communication challenges

· Minimal cost of production

· Etc.

To conclude, the DevOps approach can be seen as a toolbox designed to increase ability to deliver more qualitative services. As we speak it's adopted by more and more game changing companies in the market and we recommend you to follow their track.

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