Competitive Assessment

Set your objectives in function of the market

You don’t want to build a nice website and have your users ending at the competition because they can browse 2 times faster on their website. To be able to assess where you are in the ranking and take some good practices from your counterparts, we measure your competitors or similar websites and you in the same conditions and understand the reasons for the speed differences.

How does it work ?

We measure your website performance (desktop and/or mobile website) and 3 competitor websites from the end user perspective in the same conditions.

Our performance engineers identify what makes you faster or slower than your counterparts looking at page design elements, user-perception elements, geographic uniformity, Errors, etc.



Our findings are summarized in a report containing:

  • Your website speed compared to your counterparts (KPI’s): indicators on availability, technical speed, user perception, explanatory indicators. We include KPI’s which are objective, understandable and representative for both business and IT.

  • What makes you slower or faster?

  • Key takeaways: what are the interesting good practices for you ?

  • Opportunities for improvement in terms of speed and user perception

Your benefits :

After the performance assessment you:

  • know what your users are experiencing; you have objective and understandable indicators

  • can evaluate your indicators regarding your market

  • have a clear view on the strength and weaknesses of your competitors in terms of speed

  • know the best practices

  • have opportunities for performance improvement and working tracks to solve specific problems

How to start?

Start with a free Website Speed Assessment and we will give you insight on your website performance status compared to a benchmark. You will know:

• your key indicators compared to a benchmark you choose and what they tell you

• where the opportunities for improvement are


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