Mobile Performance Assessment

Putting yourself at the place of your mobile users

Users are increasingly using their mobile device to browse and shop online ; and they are more than ever demanding with regards to speed – but it’s not a peace of cake to ensure a high speed website. Their context vary a lot (you can have any combination of type of device, connection, browser, operating system, capacity, …). You may visit your mobile website and find it fast while your neighbor has a very bad experience… how to know?

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Who is it for?

  • You are a mobile website manager.

  • You want to understand in which situations the website is slow and why.

  • You want to improve the mobile users experience.

How does it work?

We measure your website from the end-user perspective (end-to-end transactions), in various situations defined with you: with different devices and browsers, under different connections or bandwidth, from various locations, …).

Our performance engineers analyze the results and deeps dive where needed to detect where and why the website is slow. He evaluates for each situation the potential of acceleration through a Front End Optimization technology. He finds the main opportunities for a performance improvement and builds a set of recommendations for you.


We summarize our findings and recommendations in a report containing:

  • KPI’s for the different situations tested and their interpretation: indicators on availability, technical speed, user perception, explanatory indicators. We include KPI’s which are objective, understandable and representative for both business and IT, aligning them on the situation.

  •  Recommendations to improve the user experience

Your benefits

You know what your users are experiencing, in various contexts; you know the key actions to take to ensure a good performance for every user, everywhere.

How to start?

Get a free one-page Mobile Assessment, to get a first idea on mobile performance and what should be uncovered further!


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