Website Acceleration

Make it fast, keep it fast. Without touching the code.

User perception of speed is key for your website; in your sector, a second is a second.

Your focus is user experience and you don’t want to start making tedious manual front end optimizations to finally realize that it took so much time, that there are already better optimizations possible, and that… it could be done automatically!

Website acceleration with Fasterize applies automatically the most appropriate and latest available Front End Optimizations to your website. The objective is to

  • improve the user perception by filling as quickly as possible what is above the fold

  • improve the total load time

You don’t have to do anything on the code.

How does it work ?

  • Fasterize industrializes a set of Front End Optimization rules (the “basic ones” and the most advanced ones), working on:

    • Resources weight reduction

    • Reduction of the number of requests

    • Elements re-ordering to give the priority to visible elements

  • Fasterize is complementary to a CDN: it optimizes the content of your website, a CDN optimizes the diffusion of this content.

  • How are these rules applied? Redirection of the DNS (no code or hardware change)

  • How is it implemented?

    • The solution is tested in real situation on your website, the right configuration applied (nothing complex). We measure the speed improvement. For this usually we fasterize 50% of your traffic and make an A/B test.

    • Once Fasterized plugged, you can manage the config at any moment from your console. But it’s not necessary.

happy user


Your website is faster, simply!

Your benefits

  • Your developers are not busy on webperf optimizations which are time-consuming ; this is done. They can be focused on your other business requirements.

  • You benefit from the expertise of a team of engineers 100% focused on finding possibilities to improve the FEO and to automatize them on your website. You have access to the latest technologies of FEO.

  • As soon as you start with Fasterize, your website is directly improved. And before starting, you can test it in real, know how many seconds you win. You don’t invest without having measured the impact on your performance.

  • Bandwidth cut on average by 2; up to 4 during load peaks.

How do I know how much seconds I can win with acceleration?

  • We can make a first test for you, simulating a visit, with a standard configuration. Just ask here.

  • If you wish to go further, we can make a real situation test: we apply the most appropriate configuration and 50% of your website traffic is accelerated. We compare the fasterized version with the original version, looking at:

    • User perception indicators: speed index, time to display the user screen, etc

    • Technical indicators like total page load time

How to start?

To evaluate the potential for acceleration just give us 3 pages and we will test them for you with the acceleration engine :


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