Performance testing

Prevent from disasters and improve user experience upstream


As a website manager you are investing a lot of money and efforts to build a nice and user-friendly website, to gain pageviews, conversions, advertising imprints, etc. The last thing you want is to lose customers because at the end your website has been too slow when it matters most.

Even when your internal tests are done, there are still elements running out of your control. Our experience of more than 18 years in load testing from outside confirmed there are too many situations you couldn’t foresee without testing, testing, testing in the most real conditions.


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Mainly for risk assessment, capacity planning, bottlenecks detection, new release validation:


To check your website is working optimal : for an existing live website, for a new version or release.


Before a campaign, to validate the website can afford the expected load


Before a migration on a new platform, to validate the perfect running of the new situation


To detect unknown bottlenecks


If you work with a flexible infrastructure in the cloud, to validate your supplier’s capacity and verify your SLA

Which type of load test may answer your questions?

In function of the questions you are looking to answer, we define with you the type of test to make


How do we test?

We simulate a particular load from various locations in the world or from inside your environment if required. We simulate users patterns predefined with you to test various parts of the infrastructure and browsing scenarios.

How does a load test project work?

  • We define the best test type and load conditions in function of your objectives, context and budget
  • We plan the test and preparatory actions with your team.
  • We execute the test and update you in real time of the situation, to avoid any surprise. The speed of your website is monitored from the end user point of view before and during the test to compare the user experience and enrich the results.

What it enables you?

To sleep on both ears, to avoid a disaster Black Friday or campaign, to detect improvement possibilities in your infrastructure or on your application, to be able to show your internal and external customers that the quality of your website is guaranteed.


A report summarizes the test conditions, results, observations from the end-to-end monitoring and their meaning. We identify root causes of problems and recommendations.

Key differentiators

  • No freeware, only professional tools
  • Proved methodologies
  • Certified and experienced performance engineers
  • Neutral view, fresh blood in your project
  • End-to end view, including third parties’ metrics
  • Front end optimization tips included
  • We execute the test on premise or from the cloud
  • Respond to Dev / Ops and Business requirements
  • Wide and unique experience (18 years)
  • Wide number of references: large blue chip to smaller companies/projects

No limits…

  • Internal or external
  • Unlimited number of users
  • From anywhere and any number of locations in the world
  • Also for Mobile apps
  • Simple to complex tests, several playbacks when needed
  • Integrate with major APM providers (Dynatrace, AppDynamics, New Relic, etc.)
  • On production or test environment

Our load testing offering

Simple Check Up

We perform a basic test and monitor from the end-user perspective.

Medium test

We perform a medium test and monitor from the end-user perspective.

Large Test & application in depth

We perform a large test and monitor from the end-user perspective and deep-dive in the application components.

On-demand large test

We perform a large test and monitor from the end-user perspective and deep-dive in the application components. We provide a customized report including interpretation and recommendations.

How to start?

You are wondering which valuable information a load test would bring you? Or if you should perform a load test/ stress test; on a test environment/ production environment? You have questions about our offering?

Exchange on this with us and understand what you could improve with load testing.


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