Application Aware Network Performance Management

Know finally how your network resources are used

You are about to have a migration (to a new DB; in the Cloud, …) and you haven’t determined the migration plan to implement to limit degradations during the migration phase and after?

Application Aware Network Performance Management will enable you to prepare this migration: evaluate which applications are likely to migrate, size the network resources needed, forecast the performances after the migration, etc.

You have no visibility on how the network resources are being used (which bandwidth is being used, by which applications; by which users? When?)?

By managing your network and application performance you are able to improve the resources allocation and your users experience:

• Objectivate the performance of a network

• Optimize the network

• Solve problems on the network

AANPM exemple PVX

Our partner solution SkyLIGHT PVX monitors 100% of network flows (layers 2 to 7) and application end-to-end transactions in real time. The monitoring solution will track, visualize, and troubleshoot network and application performance across physical, virtual, could, SaaS and software-defined network infrastructure in real time.

This without having to deploy any software agent (the solution is fully passive) and up and running in a few minutes thanks to the auto-detection of your application and service protocols.

Your key benefits

Measuring and controlling your network enables to manage, which means optimizing your resources (and reduce costs) and improving the quality of your network and application (and improve your users experience):

  • Define the right IT budget spending

  • Size network infrastructure

  • Solve network performance issues

  • Know your users experience and set objectives

  • Manage risks linked to a migration

  • Control performances when rolling out new applications or increasing applications load

How to start?

You have a migration planned? Exchange with our engineer and he will tell you what you need to know to prepare your network for a smooth transfer.

You wish to gain insight on your network resources usage and optimize it? Discuss your current situation with our performance engineer and get advice on how you could improve it.


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