Application performance monitoring

And your application has no longer secrets to you

Applications live in a growing complex environment. Interconnections between applications, services, processes, hosts and datacenters are numerous.  Sometimes all the lights are green but the user is complaining; everyone is passing the buck and spending hours in war rooms looking for the origin of the problem while they should be focused on value-added actions!

Digital Application Management with Dynatrace OneAgent technology doesn’t wait your user complaining to inform you of a performance problem – and provides you with the exact origin of the problem, up to code level.

How does it work?

You install just a single agent only once per host to start collecting all relevant metrics along 100% of your application-delivery chain. Install it and forget it—we take care of everything.

With just a couple of mouse clicks, Dynatrace OneAgent discovers whatever processes you have running on the host.

Based on what it finds, it automatically activates instrumentation specifically for your stack, as well as auto-injecting tags into web  application pages.

You get a full visibility of every single transaction: at client side, Front End, Back End, Third Parties elements.

Thanks to Artificial Intelligence the system detects by himself when something is inefficient and what the interdependencies are with other parts of the application.

Dynatrace screen

What does this full visibility and problems auto-discovery bring me?

  • You detect problems faster than ever, as your intelligent OneAgent will tell you there is something going wrong

  • You know instantly what the root cause of the problem is, as the system tells you directly what the interdependencies are and where the problem comes from.

  • You be able to proactively optimize your application and its environment: use OneAgent for capacity planning, infrastructure sizing, application cleanup, …

Who will use it in my organization?

  • The auto root cause analysis will be used primarily by developers, architects and technical administrators.

  • However the 100% end-to-end transactions registered and the completeness of the results makes the results usable on a broad basis: the smart analyses enable the business to identify business-related elements (conversion rate, number of clicks, …) and their link with performance.

 What are the main impacts?

The main gains at existing clients are definitely:

  1. first of all the improvement of the user experience

  2. a reduction of the time to solve problems and discuss in war rooms

  3. an optimization of applications performance (database load decrease, hardware savings, …)

Based on these elements the positive ROI has not been difficult to calculate at existing users!

How to start?

Get a Digital Performance Management free trial and we will give you insight on your application performance status and the explanations behind: you will get the root cause of problems; detect occulted issues and get clear actions on how to improve your performance.


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