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Autonomous Performance Optimization

Akamas continuously optimizes IT stack configurations to deliver unprecedented application performance, deployment agility and cost savings.


Akamas features native integrations with the two market-leading solutions in the application performance monitoring and performance testing space: Dynatrace and NeoLoad. Dynatrace and NeoLoad users can now easily integrate Akamas in their existing environments and enjoy the new, AI-driven performance optimization world.


Today, IT stacks come with hundreds of configuration choices impacting application performance and infrastructure costs. Turning the right knobs can yield dramatic improvements, but the number of possible combinations has grown beyond what any human can manage. Akamas optimizes IT stacks automatically and safely at machine learning scale.

An AI-driven, automation-oriented platform gives cloud operations teams the solution they need to ensure applications run on optimal cloud configurations and that expected service performance goals are achieved at the lowest possible cost. Cloud users are freed from tedious and time-consuming trial-and-error optimization tasks. Instead, they can trust that their applications are always running on the best cloud service for their specific needs with the best possible configuration, ensuring that they achieve both their application performance and cost saving goals.

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