Third Parties Impact Analysis

Your providers are there to help you improve the user experience, not to degrade it!

Third Parties are adding tags on your website, which are usually aiming at helping you to improve your user experience and conversions (user tracking, chat, advertising, etc). But sometimes they might be doing things on your website you didn’t expect (for example calling other third parties) and slowing down your website, or even creating errors.

The objective of a third parties impact analysis is to show you the impact of your third parties on your performance, and how they impact the user experience.

How does it work?

We measure your website performance (desktop and/or mobile website) from the end user perspective with a set of technologies. We identify third parties slowing down the website and impacting the user experience:  is Third Party content delaying the display of your elements? Preventing the interaction with the page? Delaying the full page download or creating errors?

We detect single points of failure by testing your website with and without some specific third parties or hosts.

thrid parties


Our findings are summarized in a report containing:

  • Third parties mapping: who is called and how do they interact?

  • The impact of your third parties on speed and user perception: KPI’s and observations

  • Suggestions to minimize the impact of third parties: modifications your own website or tag management; SLA’s to set up with your suppliers

What it allows you

You know how your users are impacted by third parties and can better understand potential complaints or behaviors. You can go to talk with your third parties with objective indicators and modify the content display of your page to prevent them from slowing down your page.  You also know where your data is sent too, allowing you to check if privacy rules are respected.

How to start?

Get your free Third Parties mapping to understand who is impacting your website and identify the areas of work to reduce you suppliers impact.


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